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One Call Simplicity

The experienced and friendly staff at Carolina Media Professionals specializes in full-service TV and Radio production, media buying , call center services, full campaign management and media placement. We ensure you'll get the results you want by producing and/or placing your half hour programs or commercials in exactly the right place and time.

Carolina Media Professionals has a first-class team of production professionals. From concept through finish, we will target your audience, write your script, and produce it to your satisfaction. And the best part is, once we produce it, we know exactly where and how to place it.

We are media buying industry pioneers. Carolina Media Professionals was one of the first in the radio air time industry to specialize in clearing time for infomercials and distinctive programming.

But radio air time isn’t our only forte... We are also television specialists!

At Carolina Media Professionals, we buy television air time in extremely high volume. We know which stations are effective, and we’re able to acquire extremely low rates, bringing bring down your cost-per-lead. 

Carolina Media Professionals work with all National Networks, including Bravo, Discovery, OWN , WGN America, USA, INSPIRATIONAL, WE, Travel, Style, ION, CNN, MTV, CMT and many others.

Don’t settle for less than the best! Carolina Media Professionals will get your advertisements placed in the marketing mediums of your choice and save you money. In addition to our TV and radio expertise, we also place ads in newspapers, national classifieds, and in all types of print media.

We lead the way in getting our clients heard. At Carolina Media Professionals, we take immense pride in our successful media partnership with our clients.

Carolina Media Professionals has been called the Century 21® of radio infomercial advertising. We believe our most notable and valuable merits are our reputation and our commitment. We build media partnerships across the nation. We nurture great relationships with every client and business colleague. Our reputation is founded upon the media industry relationships and friendships we build.

We have one of the best reputations in the business. Our client list grew from just 2 to over 200, primarily by referrals from our radio and TV station colleagues. This speaks volumes about our dedication to our clients and business partners.

If you’re new to TV and Radio, we’d love to show you how it’s done. If you’re a veteran, we’ll give you the best deal in the industry. Either way, give us a call.

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You owe it to yourself and your business or ministry to give us a call! We can help market your product nationwide on television or radio... Carolina Media can place your television and radio segments nationwide at the BEST rates--no market is too big or too small.

Contact Carolina Media Professionals today to discuss your advertising needs via phone (864) 597-1301, fax: (864) 596-7539, or e-mail: You can also contact Rachel Greene directly over the phone or via e-mail:

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